Inversion is used statements for the sake of

- achieving dramatic effect

- and in Formal Language as well.

In Inversion negative adverbial words  and phrases are placed at the beginning of a sentence.

The subject comes before the verb and the word order is reversed.

In this case we use the question form of the verbeven though the sentence is not a queston.

With the Simple tenses ( as Present Simple & Past Simple) we add the Auxilliary DO.

Words and phrases that can be followed by Inversion:


Never did I think I'd end up becoming a teacher!

2. some expressions with ( NO SOONER.......than, NO LONGER, NOWHERE, NOT UNTIL, NOT ONLY .......but, NEITHER .......nor)

No sooner had I taken one exam than I had to start preparing for the next one.

3. expressions with ONLY ( ONLY WHEN, ONLY THEN, ONLY LATER)

Only when I noticed the time did I realize I had made a terrible mistake.

4. some negative adverbs( SCARCELY, HARDLY, BARELY, RARELY, SELDOM, LITTLE.........


Rarely do students appreciate the importanve of systematic revision.

After Formlar Expressions:

Under no circumstances will cheating be toletared.

On no account should you disclose personal details in emails.

At no time are the books to be removed from the library.